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Remarkably, one of the founding treasurers of the Genesee County Teachers Federal Credit Union was acutely instrumental in the development of Batavia Federal Credit Union as well. This individual is Richard G. Shirey who is said to have operated the GCTFCU out of his own living room! This was really not an uncommon scenario, however, in the credit union world. Many fledgling credit unions share similar heritages when recalling their early years. From this residential setting, the credit union and the early manager, Beverly Johnson, moved several times. From rented spaces in the BOCES Center on Harvester Avenue to an office in Masse Mall, the credit union finally purchased its own building on West Main Street in 1982. This decision was prompted by the Board of Directors’ desire to offer share draft accounts to its members which necessitated a more secure environment for cash transactions. In addition to changing locations, the credit union, also, underwent a name change and became Education Employees Federal Credit Union in the early 1980’s.

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