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TVFCU Members Rest Assured

Other than your Home Banking Username and Password, there are no other changes to your TVFCU account. Direct deposits, automatic withdrawals from checking, and monthly TVFCU loan payments to TVFCU loans that were processed from your accounts will still be processed the same way with the exception of any transfers that were scheduled by you on our home banking.


Beginning Wednesday, January 15, 2020, you can expect to see several enhancements to TVFCU’s Home Banking in order to make your banking experience easier and even more convenient for you.

We ask that you take notice of the following dates as it pertains to an interruption to Home Banking and Bill Pay while we migrate to our new platform:

• Sunday, 1/12 – 9PM Bill Pay – unavailable until Wednesday, 1/15
• Monday, 1/13 – 9PM Home Banking – unavailable until Wednesday, 1/15
• Tuesday, 1/14 – Both Home Banking and Bill Pay – unavailable until Wednesday, 1/15
• Wednesday, 1/15 – “LIVE” – 10:00 am anticipated Home Banking and Bill Pay available

Important: All bill payments scheduled to be deducted from your account on Monday, 1/13/2020 and Tuesday, 1/14/2020 will need to be scheduled on or before 1/12/2020. All bill payments, including payees and recurring payments, will be available on Wednesday, 1/15/2020.

Beginning 1/15/2020, when you log in, you will need the following credentials:

Temporary User ID: Your member number.
For example: 12345

Temporary Password: The last four digits of your social security number plus the year you were born.

For example: If the last four digits of your SSN are 9876 and your birth year is 1971, your temporary password would be 98761971.

Once you have used your temporary user id and password to successfully log in, you will be prompted to establish a new user id and password.

New Features

Home Banking – “Go Live” date January 15, 2020

We’ve listened. You have asked us to enhance our home banking by adding the following features:

• Offering both Apple and Android App
• Placing Check Orders
• Viewing Check Images
• Viewing Quick Balances
• Completing Secure Forms
• Assigning Shared Account Access with Unique User ID’s

In addition, as a security enhancement, our multi-factor authentication will now allow you to unlock your mobile device with Touch ID or Face ID. Upon initial log in, you will be required to receive a phone call or an email to verify your identity. You may receive an authentication code every time you log in or you may customize your experience to “remember my device”, allowing you to bypass the additional verification step, once initially logged in.

There's an app for that

Mobile App

Click on your App Store to choose the iOS or Android TVFCU App.

Now, everywhere you take your phone, TVFCU comes with you! Using Touch ID or Face ID, you can access our mobile app to check your balance, transfer funds, locate an ATM, and more. TVFCU is right at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime!

Mobile apps will be available for download 1/15/2020.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture

It’s simple. Use your phone to take a picture of your check, follow the instructions on screen, and your deposit is complete. No need to drive to the credit union; deposit checks at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We Are Ready! Are You?

TVFCU Clock with the pig mascot

New Home Banking!

TVFCU Piggy Bank with Glasses


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