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TVFCU's Payroll Distribution

TVFCU's unique Payroll Distribution is one of our best kept secrets!

To begin using Payroll Distribution, follow these simple steps:

  • Determine how much of your paycheck, social security, retirement, or military check will be deposited.
  • Provide your employer or the depositor with our routing and transit number (222383479) and your member number.
  • Complete a TVFCU Payroll Distribution Form to indicate your allocation of funds.
  • You may have funds distributed to any number of accounts.
    • For example, from your $100 deposit, you might allocate $25 to Share Account 0, $50 to Share Draft 4, $10 to Secondary Savings 3, $10 to Vacation Club, and $5 to your child’s account.
  • As your life changes you may change your allocations at any time. Simply complete a new form.
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