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Tonawanda Valley Federal Credit Union finances new and used auto and motorcycle loans purchased through a dealer or an individual. 

Learn how to finance your car with TVFCU!

Getting financing for your new or used vehicle purchase doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it can seem. If it’s your first time or tenth, TVFCU is here for you to get the best loans and rates we can. 

Keep in mind that financing adds to the total cost of the car! This is because you’re paying for the price of the car and the credit on the loan. 

Financing a car can be done in one of two ways, either by a loan or with a lease. When you’re financing with a loan, use our loan calculator tool to see how various loan amounts, APRs and terms will affect your monthly and total payments. 

Leasing, meanwhile, is almost like renting a car. You don’t get any resale value, but your monthly payments are lower, there tends to be an annual mile limit before additional fees apply, and you need to keep the car in good shape.

I got a bad, high-interest deal when I purchased my car, can I get it refinanced?

Yes, you can get your high-interest vehicle loan refinanced with us here at Tonawanda Valley Federal Credit Union! Use our loan calculator tool to see how much we could potentially save you. 

When applying for an auto loan from TVCU, please have the following information available and ready:

  • Current proof of income
  • Insurance binder showing the vehicle is covered by comprehensive and collision insurance 
  • Purchase offer showing the VIN and current mileage

Please also note:

  • TVFCU will not finance vehicles with a salvaged title
  • Only collateral registered and titled in New York State will be considered

FAQs on Auto Loans

What restrictions are there on Auto Loans?

  • We do not offer loans for vehicles with salvaged titles and vehicles without insurance. Contact us for further terms. 

How long does it take to get approved?

  • We typically review and get back the same business day, however in case this is not possible we will email you once confirmed. 

What are the benefits of refinancing?

  • Primarily, the benefit is saving you money on your monthly payments, either by getting a lower interest rate, extending the loan term, or both. Refinancing may also help you reduce your overall interest payment! 

Get In Touch

Looking for other vehicle loans? Check out our loan options page under the Vehicle Loans dropdown! 

What are you waiting for? Apply for your loan today! Our online application form makes it easier than ever to get started. Fill out our contact form if you have any questions or comments!

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